Introduction to Meta-Analytic Psychotherapy Research

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Welcome to the digital repository for the course “Introduction to Meta-Analytic Psychotherapy Research”. On these pages, you can find all material (slides, code, videos) that is used is used in the course.


Systematic reviews and meta-analyses are widely regarded as a cornerstone of evidence-based mental health research. Using meta-analysis, we can synthesise the findings of several independent studies, which allows to assess if some psychological treatment is effective or not. Meta-analytic techniques can also be used to assess how robust effects of some intervention are, and if findings in the literature might be biased.

This module provides an overview of meta-analytic psychotherapy research, and how it is used to answer pertinent questions in the prevention and treatment of mental disorders. In this first part of the module, we will cover core concepts of the field, as well as work through essential parts that define a high-quality systematic review and meta-analysis. We also provide a gentle introduction into the statistical underpinnings of meta-analytic models, and how to implement them using statistical software.


Mathias Harrer (